Floating Market

floating market
floating market
This design concept Floating Market is like a village that has a lake. In the vicinity there is a gazebo,hawker centers, strawberry and vegetable farm, factory outlets and water rides. Admission per person is 10.000 rupiah. From the entrance to the hawker center, you can cross by foot or boat at the rate of 1.000 rupiah / person. 
 Located in an area of ​​7 hectares, while enjoying panoramic lake and green trees you can enjoy local
Lake with mountain background
and international cuisine. There is also a selling accessories or craft items. As in other floating market, the sellers here trade by boat, only difference in the Floating Market Lembang consumers can not shop through the boat like in other places.
floating market lembang
Floating Market
Some snacks or meals are sold including: Durian grilled, roasted corn and sticky rice, sausage, fried tofu, typical pancake Solo, timbel, and others. Most of the snacks is from a network owned culinary attractions Perry Tristianto, factory outlet king who developed the floating market. So it is not surprising that a number of the menu as coming out of  Lembang Tofu, Sausages and hot dogs from the Sausages House.  

Transactions with coins

One of the highlights of this resort is the way its transactions using coins. You can not buy anything directly with money, but first need to exchange it into coins. There are some nominal coins you can buy: 5.000, 10.000, 50.000, or 100.000 rupiah.

floating market lembang
The Coins

The coins will be used to buy snacks or rent a boat for water in Situ Umar traveled. It's just that you should be careful in buying these coins, as coins that have been purchased can not be exchanged again. Just buy what you think is enough, if less you can buy later.
floating market lembang
Paddy Field

Paddy Field and Garden
Floating Market in Lembang you could see there was also a kind of rice fields and plantations. Here you can also buy by way of picking their own vegetables.

Water rides

In addition to offering culinary tourism, in this place you can also invite family members to enjoy the lazy river. There are many different types of vehicles that can be rented to explore or "lalayaran" in Situ Umar's. You can choose: there are canoe, water bikes, or paddle boat. The rent is in the range of 50 thousand to 70 thousand coins / 30 min.

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