Yes, communication!
Communication is one of the important things in life. Without it, you can imagine what will happen into this world. Sometime something happen out of control because of communication.
In holiday traveling we suppose to find happiness, enjoyment, and stress free.
Stress can be happen at any time, anywhere no matter who you are.So often I heard that a lot of my friend having problem in communication between the guest and his driver.

It is a bit difficult to find a driver with fluently English (in Bandung). Even there is a solution: using guide to accompany guest, but it will increase the cost.
Lacks of communication sometime make the guest feel stress during the holiday trip. Had bad experience  because of bad attitude and lack of communication will
trigger the stress. The driver only can say YES and NO, and doesn't understand everything what we want. Along the way, the guest could not get any useful information about the excursion. The guest can only instruct with basic word. No good service, lack of communication and bad attitude of the driver. What a mess holiday.
Miss communication between driver and the guest will result of unsatisfied feeling during the trip and usually everything will end up with subjective opinion for both parties.
Miss communication also sometime will end up with funny thing. During the trip the guest will entertain with “Tarzan code” that sometime make the guest laugh.
Not only communication, attitude also the important things to get the traveling become stress free, happiness and smooth as  planned before.
So do not end up your holiday to messy and stress experience  :)