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The Robusta coffee 
Down to Old Chinatown in Banceuy area, not thought previously that among the stores of solid building materials in this area, tucked into a store that looks different. Accompanied brown color that adorns the entrance frame, of the building that has stood since time immemorial it has been born culinary works are well known, even to hear his name in the ears of foreign tourists. Coffee Aroma, a coffee produced by the name of the building looks from the outside of this mini-sized. This popularity is not built overnight. All of this is obtained from the hard work of the first coffee company's founder, Tan Sian Houw, and his son, Widyapratama, who now handles this company.
In the years 1920 - 1930 the founder - Houw Tan Sian - working for the Dutch, and learn the process of making this coffee slowly. This is what he initiated to establish the company and the coffee plant which was originally well known by word of mouth. Coffee with pristine flavors born of the moment is not counted, unlike other coffee that is created by a chemical interference, the coffee is still natural.

Starting from seeds from all over the country - Aceh, Java and Toraja - which was then dried directly by the sun directly behind the factory.
Finished drying, the coffee seeds stored for 5-8 years to eliminate acidity and caffeine in it. Done stored in a very large warehouse, this coffee was roasted using a roaster who aged
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The Furnace

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The Factory

less than 63 years, the wood fuels from waste rubber Cianjur environmentally friendly. The next process is the selection of coffee seeds that have the brown. Having obtained the best coffee beans, the coffee is ready to be processed into a powder.In addition to sold in powder, coffee can also be obtained in the form of seeds which still form, usually consumers who buy this superior coffee beans come from cafes, coffee shops and restaurants renowned. In powder form, we find two types of coffee available here, namely coffee robusta 5 years old, and arabica coffee was 8 years old. Robusta useful as a drug diabetes, low blood and add memory. While Arabica with very low levels of caffeine good for people with high blood pressure. In addition Coffee does not make flatulence and can burn fat.With a relatively low price this coffee shop is always packed with visitors. A buyer; he has been a regular customer since 1951 and he said that this is the delicious coffee ever encountered.So, coffee connoisseurs, curious about the taste of the coffee aroma? Come here and get an incredible sensation of this coffee!

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Processing the bean

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