Curug Tilu or Three Water Fall

curug tilu bandung
Qian Nong and Kianne from Singapore
curug tilu
The meaning of Curug Tilu is Three water falls. In Sundaneese, Curug meaning waterfall and Tilu is
Three.   Actually this water fall have 3 step of water falls.
With the height of approx 10 meter and with width 2 meter make this waterfall seem unique.
The debit of the water is quite big even in dry season.
The water temperature is between 18-25 Celsius degree. Visitor can play water in this area.
Visit at weekday makes this water falls become  your own private waterfall. Very less people( no people at at all!). Can says that the waterfall become your own private waterfall.

Curug tilu
Get ready....!

No other visitors only the sound of birds singing, katydid sounding, huge sound of water dropping,
and of course the fresh air.
To get to this area needs to walk between 30- 45 minute, depend on how fast we walk.
Trough the bamboo bridges, wooden bridges that can only fit 1 person, crossing water pipes which supplies to the villages,  rocky road, small dam, up and down routes making the journey become more challenging.
Monkeys were so often seen in a group crossing the river.
Along the way you will find small water falls with height less than 3 meters.

bandung waterfall
First time in theirs life, they were swimming in the river. :)