Having fun in Bandung? Why not?

Having fun in Bandung ? Why not?
Kianne is flying in the air
The title seem look like making up, but it's true, to have fun in Bandung is easy. Just come to
Bandung, choose the right travel agent which understand your needs, go travel, enjoy the nature, enjoy the scenery, enjoy the Bandung shopping, enjoy the Bandung food, enjoy the air, enjoy our service  and enjoy our hospitality :)
These pictures will tell you more than words :) Have Fun!

tea plantation
Hua Lin and Elina from Singapore at Rancabali Tea Platation

Kianne and Qian Nong from Singapore at curug tilu

Bandung fun place
Lincoln, Jia, Sarah and Alcan from Singapore and Jhum our driver 

at luwak coffee
Annick and Reanne from Netherland

Maya Trainor from Jakarta at De Ranch - Bandung

luwak cikole
Jessica and Pei Xuan from Singapore

bandung tour
Having fun does not limited by ages    ;)

to be continued.. 

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