Bakso Semar (Semar Meat Ball)

Meat Ball Semar

Bakso semar is a famous meat ball stall at Bandung. It opens 24 hours. Meatball fans are easy to eat
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Before eat
any time they like. Most of Indonesian people especially at Java island are like to eat meatball. It is easy to find meatball every where. Many people love to eat meat ball , that the reason why the maker make many variation of the meat balls. You can also eat special ribs at this shop.



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old bike
Bandung is creative city. Almost every week you can find exhibition. This is one of them. The old bicycle exhibition. You can find old bicycles since year 1900 ( if not mistaken, maybe older than that). All participant from Indonesia and abroad were coming to this exhibition. Every merchandise with old bike theme were scattered around the area.  I was late to post it, but it better late than never. Please look at the pictures for more detail. :)


parachute at puncak
Finding the wind
Ride and Fly

One of the 'extreme' vacation is placed at Puncak Bogor. Parachute tandem one of many tourist
attraction at Puncak - Bogor. For certain people, parachute tandem is fun.
If you want to try something new, you can try this attraction.
The price for the ride is depend on weight of the rider.
There are 3 categories of weight. Each categories represent the price.
The instructor will guide you to fly around