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old bike
Bandung is creative city. Almost every week you can find exhibition. This is one of them. The old bicycle exhibition. You can find old bicycles since year 1900 ( if not mistaken, maybe older than that). All participant from Indonesia and abroad were coming to this exhibition. Every merchandise with old bike theme were scattered around the area.  I was late to post it, but it better late than never. Please look at the pictures for more detail. :)

kereta baru
Tires and the spare parts

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sewa kereta bandung
the seller from foreigner

rental bandung
selling old photos

rental murah bandung
for sale

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the real men

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old things

The route of this bike Java island and Sumatra Island

Old uniform look a like

old uniform look a like 2

Participants from Madura

Soekarno and Hatta (1st president and 1st vice president look a like)

The 1st Presidential car

The judges in actions

Painting the traditional umbrella from Tasikmalaya city

Main stage

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