parachute at puncak
Finding the wind
Ride and Fly

One of the 'extreme' vacation is placed at Puncak Bogor. Parachute tandem one of many tourist
attraction at Puncak - Bogor. For certain people, parachute tandem is fun.
If you want to try something new, you can try this attraction.
The price for the ride is depend on weight of the rider.
There are 3 categories of weight. Each categories represent the price.
The instructor will guide you to fly around

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Preparing the chute
You can feel the sensations while you are flying with the parachute and you can also see the
views of Puncak from above. Many people come to this place. A lot of Arabian also come here to try this attraction.
Want to try this awesome sensations? Come and play to this place. What a sensations you will got!!
parachute tandem
The Views

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Get Ready to Fly!!

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