In Parfum Bandung

in perfume
The containers
In Parfum is one of the famous perfume store in Bandung.
What is so special with this store? The quality of their perfume are close to the original. Most important thing is that the price is really cheap. Only Rp. 1.000/ml or Rp. 35.000/bottle of size 35ml. No wonder a lot of people come to buy in whole at this place then sell it in bottle. 

The customer can choose what ever they need (made to order). The customer can buy the perfume and processed in the front of customer.
The perfume can last more than 3 day in the clothes. (not wash, of course)
If you want to buy the perfume(s), you can see the catalogs of the perfume. Then write your

in perfume good quality
type of bottles
order in the small sticker which provided by the store.
The operator will stick it into the bottle. There are30ml,  35ml , 60ml and 100 ml.
The operator will pour the perfume in the front of the customer.
A lot of people coming here, so if you want to buy, you should get a line to wait until other customer is finish to be served.
in perfume at bandung
In Parfume Building
The address is Jl. K.H. Ahmad Dahlan no. 75 Bandung, at the front of Horizon Hotel.
Happy shopping and enjoy your perfume(s). :)

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