Bandung Rafting Adventure part 2 (with video)

Bandung Rafting Adventure part 2 (with video)
If you love nature, adventure and less shopping, you can try this activity during your stay at Bandung.
Escape from your routine?
Come out and play! You will get addicted!
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Bandung Rafting Adventure part 1

bandung rafting
Bandung rafting adventure
A lot of river near Bandung city can be used for white water rafting adventure or Bandung Rafting adventure. Cimanuk river, cisangkuy river, Citarum river, Palayangan river, Citanduy River.

Palayangan river - PANGALENGAN be the best choice rafting in Bandung. A steady flow of water throughout the year, beautiful scenery and a short distance away from the city of Bandung is an added value of this Palayangan river.
Located 45 km south of Bandung, in the city's famous PANGALENGAN as milk and vegetable producing areas. Rafting start point is in the tourist locations Cileunca, at an altitude of 1200 m above sea level with temperatures
between 18-26 degrees C.