Camping Ground at North Bandung

terminal grafika
Camping Ground at north
On a hill with a tapestry of green pastures and cool weather, Terminal Grafika Cikole provide a place for family camping. The place is a family camping plots using base board mounted on cast cement so that the tent can be firmly attached and not have to worry about the wind. Ironing board is also useful to avoid direct contact with the ground so that the bottom of the camping tent will not get wet by dew or when it rains.
This place will be a family camping recreational fun for your family members because of the
camping ground
camping  location are  on the grass under the shade of pine trees. You can rent in dome tents. Rents tents or tent Dome VIP Rp 350.000, -/ tent capacity of 4 people. Dome tent rental price includes 4 pieces of equipment including camping sleeping bag, a bundle of firewood, an additional 4 raw corn to be burned in the fire and electrical facilities. Charlie dome tent waterproof so you do not have to worry about the inside of the tent will remain dry during rain or dew.

camping ground at north
Moslem Prayer Room
In the location where family camping is available public toilets and prayer room are kept clean enough. Camping locations in Terminal Grafika Cikole quite safe because there are security guards walking around for 24 hours / day. 

Source: Terminal Grafika Cikole 

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