Kampung Gajah or Elephant village is an outdoor amusement park.
No life elephant inside. It is just a name for that place.
Entering Kampung Gajah visitor must pay RP. 10.000,- per person. At entering gate, A statue of welcoming the visitor.Visitor can look around to see the view and see the attractions. You can see the view of Bandung from here. It is a nice view to see Bandung city surrounding by mountains and Bandung is in the
middle of it.
If you want to play all ride, visitors must pay RP. 200.000 per person. There are more than 20 attractions activities there.
The attractions are:
  1. Bumper Boat
  2. Child Playground
  3. Mini ATV
  4. Mini Buggy
  5. Side Car
  6. Buggy Family
  7. Buggy Futuristic
  8. Horse Riding
  9. Delman Royal (Wagon Royal)
  10. Skyreider
  11. Formula Kart
  12. Futuristic Train
  13. Tubby
  14. Body cycle
  15. Segway
  16. 4D rider
  17. Wavepool
  18. Kiddy pool
  19. Octopus racer
  20. Big tornado
  21. Motogolf
  22. Bungee Trampoline (soon)
  23. Grass Skating (soon)
  24. Sepeda air (water cycle) (soon).

    Source: Kampunggajah.com
Tips and Tricks
  1. Better to come at good weather (avoid rain season)
  2. In the morning is the best choice, because most good weather is in the morning
  3. Bring umbrella if you do not like the heat and rain.
  4. Do not forget to capture the best moment.