sari ater resort or ciater

The place is very well known for hotel , park arena and the pool with hot spring water.
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The Tent
This resort is huge, with a lake, stream, pools with hot spring water, 4D theater, horse riding, playgrounds, camping ground, paint ball arena, arrow arena and lots of greenery and gardens.The hot spring pools are open 24 hours and of course free for sari ater hotel resort guests. Nearby, there are tracks where you can go on the go kart, mini moto, or ATV.
                 The pool is containing healing water. For explanation you can click here

sari ater resort
4 Dimension Theater

sari ater resort
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Mini ATV
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Balcony Tent
sari ater resort
Camping Ground
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Mate waterfall
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Fish therapy
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Fish Pond
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Flying fox
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High Rope
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Mini Train
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Boat Cycle
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Leuwisari pool
sari ater resort
Mayangsari Pool
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Kimanis pool
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Seventh Shower
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Arrow Arena

sari ater resort
Pulo Sari Pool
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Trampoline & Carousel
sari ater resort
Dream zone
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Wall Climbing
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Water ball

sari ater pool
Wangsadipa pool

Source: Sari Ater Resort

Tips and tricks

1. At night, it is very pleasant to relax in this very hot water.
2. The pool contain healing water.
3. For dry skin and pregnant woman the sulfurous water is not recommended.
4. On weekends, the hotel is well attended, so if you want to book a room there, don't be late.

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